The universe is filled with magical things patiently waiting
for our wits to grow shaper.

Design, philosophy, sustainability and technology.


The best way to reach me is via pelle.beckman@gmail.com.

I am occassionally at Mastodon.social @pelle_beckman@mastodon.social

Old projects

It’s become a place to organize fragments of my interests in art or design or history; or my interests in other things—often interests held since childhood—sometimes loosely filtered through the lens of art, design or history; or sometimes not.

I’m on Mastodon:

Sustainable design, technology, architecture.

Philosophy and literature.


‘Lightspeed Engineering’ was just a test title but, well, it stucks

Art & Science

‘Lightspeed Engineering’ was just a test title but, well, it stuck.

Lightspeed Engineering hosts essays, notes, and scribbles on design, philosophy, and science written by Pelle Beckman. See the Info page for details. I'm occasionally on Mastodon